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Monday, 03 October 2016 16:39

Get On Board the Spot's Party Bus Halloween Tour of Terror 2016

What could possibly be scarier than the outcome of this year's presidential election?
But wouldn't some ghosts, goblins and a stray vampire get your mind off the campaign? Aren't you longing to see the familiar face of a Jason Voorhies hockey mask from Friday the 13th? Don't you find yourself listening for the siren song of a chainsaw in the hands of old Leatherface? Wouldn't a brisk chase at the hands of a Michael Meyers in the crisp, dark, October air get your blood pumping, and take your mind off the campaigns? We think we can help!

Reserve Your Spot On Our Halloween Tour of Terror

Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, beginning October 5 through October 30th, Spot's Party Bus will be hosting our annual Halloween Tour of Terror! Get a group of friends, at least 15, get on the Spot's Party Bus and we will chauffeur you to two of Wichita's scariest Haunted House attractions. This year, we've partnered with Wicked Island and Wicked Woods. You'll get VIP passes  that let you bypass the lines and get your fright on! It's three and a half hours of Terrifying Fun and it's become a Wichita Halloween tradition.

VIP Passes To Wichita's Scariest Halloween Haunts

Tickets are $45/person and you must have a minimum of 15 people in your grope. There are discounts for larger group of 30 or more people. So, with 15 people, two haunted houses and VIP passes, it's like getting Spot's Party Bus for FREE! If you chicken out, or you're too scared to go in, you can stay in the relative safety of the well-lit comfort of the bus…and rifle through the contents of your friend's purses.

Call Now To Book Early. Spot's Has Limited Availability

Book your Halloween Tour of Terror early, we fill up early and we have limited availability. I mean, it's not us, it's the calendar! Call 316-444-0607 for more information, or to reserve your spot! So, let's review

  • • You need at least 15 people
  • • Visit two of Wichita's scariest haunted attraction: Wicked Woods and Wicked Island
  • • VIP Passes to bypass the lines
  • • Transportation to and from the haunted houses
  • • Fun with your friends, co-workers or strangers aboard one of Wichita's favorite party bus companies

Real Life Is More Terrifying

We can't promise you that you won't see a Donald Trump or a Hillary Clinton at the haunted houses, but rest assured, if you encounter either of them on the Spot's Party Bus Halloween Tour of Terror they will NOT raise or lower your taxes…maybe your blood pressure, but the real ones are probably doing that anyway? Right?




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